Kyle Tom was born on July 12th, 1996. 

He plays lead guitar for Rundown Radio. Some of his highlights over the years have been winning the 2010 Hayward Battle of the Bands, winning the San Mateo Battle of the Bands, and playing a show with Y&T. In his free time, he also plays bass, harmonica, and is starting to pick up drums and piano. While Rundown Radio is predominately a hard rock band, Kyle enjoys music anywhere from blues to hardcore, alternative to pop-punk. Besides music, Kyle has interests in graphic design, photography, and other arts. 

Kyle blasts a 2007 Gibson SG Special through a Marshall JCM 2000.

His influences for the band include AC/DC, Y&T, and Judas Priest. He is currently listening to groups such as The Dangerous Summer, The Story So Far, A Day To Remember, and Set Your Goals.